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Chicken Tikka Hot

Ready mixed masala in a wet paste – reddish orange in colour. Packed in honey jar bottles of 370g or 5 litre catering buckets. Has it’s own unique & distinctive flavour. Very spicy hint of saffron & all sorts of condiment flavours



Amina’s Wonder Spice special mix masala including authentic Indian spices, salt, ginger, garlic, lemon juice, vinegar.



Let your imagination perk your taste buds. The paste can be used for a variety of dishes:

1) Grilled chicken, braais, pot roast.
2) To marinate chicken fillets which can thereafter be used in so many dishes eg) Pizzas, Butter Chicken, Schwarmas, Pies, Pasta, Stir Fries, Spicy chicken in gravy.

Weight Packaging Dimensions
 370g  24's  29X22X24cm
 5L  1  29X22X24cm


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